Argus Consulting Services

Argus Consulting Services offers tailor-made research to clients seeking the highest quality data, analysis, insight and commentary on international energy, petrochemical, fertilizer and metals markets.

The service focuses on Argus’key strength-market expertise, global networks and proprietary industry data-in order deliver real client value.

The products we cover include :

  1. Crude oil
  2. Oil products
  3. Power
  4. LPG/NGLs
  5. Natural Gas
  6. Biofuels
  7. Biomass
  8. Emissions
  9. Coal
  10. Transportation
  11. Petrochemicals
  12. Fertilizers
  13. Metals


In order to meet the needs of such a diverse array of clients, Argus offer an extensive selection of services :

  • Market Studies – in depth assessments, providing detail on aspects such as structure, suppy/demand, outlook, key participants, infrastucture and regulation.
  • Strategi Planning – Supporting organizations to assess options for entry, exit , further investment of changes in focus.
  • Supply, demand and pricing analysis – Analysis of market fundamentals and /or pricing , assisting clients, to evaluate how and where they might operate or to assess the positions of their competitors
  • Market Supply Strategy – Appraisal of a company’s ability to supply commodities, obtain market supplies and the costs of doing so (including transportation and freigh cost)
  • Forecast and outlooks – Short, medium and logn-term forecasts and oulooks for supply and demand, trade, cost and prices
  • Project feasibilty – Pre-feasibility and market feasibility studies to evaluate and analyse project potential
  • Valuation Models – Including new project, mergers and acquisitions as well as evaluations of existing assets. All outcomes are tested using high-level sensitivity and scenario analysis.
  • Presentations – argus consultans and analysts deliver presentations and run client seminars on relevant topics